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Driving notice

Author:Lvtong New Energy Electric Vehicle Click: Time:2021-03-24 00:43:40

1.Only people who have driving license can drive the car.

2.When be dragged, the car must be cut off to the battery,and speed must not be over 8km/h,otherwise it will damage the car and the Circuit Elements.

3.Charging to a frozen battery must be forbidden,or it will cause explosion.

4.Do not Pressure-wash the car or steam-wash it ,in order not to wet or damage exposed circuit elements.

5.Start driving after completing repair, if finding some problem in checking. Or it might cause some financial or physical damage.

6.Do not park the car on slope when dragging it. Do not start, park, or backward suddenly, if you’re on slope. Or it might cause severe Injuries and Deaths.

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